What types of braces are there?

The usual braces can be obtained either as fixed or detachable.

Fixed tooth position
Fixed tooth position is also called “rail”. At this tooth position, brackets (small plates) are bonded to metal or ceramic on the teeth. A metal wire is inserted through the bracket so that pressure is transferred to the teeth and legs. In this way the teeth can be straightened up, turned and moved back and forth.

Detachable braces
A removable braces is provided with metal anchors or simple metal hooks, so you can insert and remove it. The removable racks are used in several different cases:

Pump-type screwdrivers are used to expand for small toothed racks (expansion rails).
Retention plates are used to sleep at night after treatment with fixed teeth.
In the case of skewed bites (crossbones and scissors), these plates are used for the most part to correct teeth during sleep.

We also serve our large norwegian community with our very own norwegian dentist Kare Andersen.  She specializes in and has brought with her the knowledge of braces from Norway, the number one country in the world for braces. We are very thankful!