Information about cookies
Under Swedish law, visitors to a website should be informed if the site uses so-called “cookies” or cookies. Cookies are a small text file that can be used to save information while navigating on our page or between visits as well as enabling special functionality on the site.

Below you will find information about how we use this technology and what we use the information for.

Some are used by our publishing system CoreCMS and another used by Google Analytics to help us collect web statistics.

Del rio cookies
A cookie is used to keep in mind that you have accepted cookies, so you do not have to see that box every time. Because this is connected to a particular browser on a particular computer, the system will not remember your choice if you change computer, phone, or use another browser. Then have to accept again.

Session cookie
What is black and how can I identify it?

It is a so-called session cookie or temporary cookie, which means that when you close the browser, it disappears (unlike “common” cookies stored as a small text file on your computer). The cookie is called “ASP.NET_SessionId” and contains only data that may look like this: “ah3hkjf4jfa4mvn3czxp”.

What is it used for?

It is only used for the web application server to keep track of what information requests belong to which clients. Therefore, we do not save any sensitive or personal information at all.

Google Analytics cookie
Google Analytics is a free service that helps collect statistics about the website. We use this service to better understand the visitors and make it easier for us to understand where bottleneck or error pages are found on the page. This helps us to improve our website and to develop it in the right direction.

What is it used for?

it ensures that a page hit is recorded
It analyzes the link and collects campaign information
It updates visitor activity information.
How can I prevent cookies from being saved on my computer?
If you do not want to accept cookies, your browser can be set so that you automatically deny cookies storage or inform each time a site requests a cookie to be stored. Through the browser, previously stored cookies can also be deleted. In Internet Explorer, you can change this setting by going to the top menu, under “Tools -> Internet Options” or “Tools – Internet Options” if you have an English language browser. Under the “Privacy” tab, there is a controller that shows which security level you have chosen. By default, this switch is set to “medium”. If you raise this level of security, Internet Explorer will be less likely to accept cookies, notify you when a site uses cookies or completely block its use.

If you are using another browser or looking for more information about changing your security settings, please refer to the browser’s help pages.