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Invisible braces for your kid?

There are three types of braces for your kids. Read more!

Almost invisible braces

There are several different types of modern and almost invisible braces that can help you correct your bite errors and oblique teeth.

1. Almost completely invisible

Invisalign and Clear Aligner consist of translucent rails, which makes them barely visible.

2. Comfortable and painless

If you choose the translucent rails, there are no metal fasteners or sharp threads that can be strung or irritated in your mouth.

3. Flexible

These systems are flexible and can be removed for short periods. For example, at important meetings or meals.

4. Clear results

At the beginning of treatment you will receive a treatment plan and an estimated final result.

Classic braces

The braces are a classic dental position and a well-proven method of dental control.

1. Exact result

With the help of the precision that can be achieved with the fixed buccala apparatus, one can say that with this method one can achieve the most accurate results.

2. Tooth colored brackets

We now offer tooth-colored brackets for the classic rails, which makes it look smaller and becomes more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Sustainable results

This is a proven dentistry method and if you follow the dentist’s instructions, the result is very durable.

4. Can not be removed

Since the stitch is fixed and can not be removed, it is possible to be very accurate and precise in the final position of the teeth.

Invisible braces

Another option is braces affixed to the inside of the rack, such as Incognito or eBRACE.

1. Completely invisible treatment

This treatment is not visible because the fasteners are on the inside of the teeth.

2. Equal accurate results

The lingual dentures can give as accurate results as those attached to the outside of the teeth.

3. Equal sustainable results

Because the lingual models are located on the inside of the rack, the results can be compared to the results obtained with the systems on the outside of the rack. In order for the results to be sustainable, it is important to follow the dentist’s instructions.

4. Can not be removed

Because the tooth decay is stuck and can not be removed, the results become more precise and the final end position of the teeth can be very accurate.

Good luck choosing the right one!