Braces for children

Faulty bite is not quite uncommon among children and adolescents today and there are several different dental stands for children. The children and adolescents under the age of 21 who, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare’s assessment, have a more difficult bite error can be awarded a dental check check for free dental regulation of authorized clinics. Aqua Dental is such a clinic. If a child is awarded a dental check check, they will get a list of clinics together with the check. This to choose a clinic that feels good is available and can provide the child with the best care possible, a working bite and a big smile.

There are more different dental control methods and toothpicks for children to choose from. There are, among other things, removable toothpicks, such as Activator and Fixed Teeth, like the classic “rails”.

Removable braces

When selecting a detachable toothbrush we will make sure that it is comfortable and in addition we explain how to use and clean the toothbrush. When using only detachable toothbrush, we usually recommend that the amount of time taken is reduced gradually. We will of course state how this should be done. Most detachable teeth are used primarily to affect the growth of the jaws and to a lesser extent to move the teeth. The most common teeth, Activator, consist of acrylic resin plates either for the upper jaw or for both the lower and upper jaws, both are removable. We have many different types of dental flosses and the most commonly described here. However, there are many more in different shapes and sizes.

General Instructions

The toothbrush should be worn around the clock and only taken off when eating, at toothbrush and during sports unless other instructions are given. Especially in the first few days, it may be somewhat difficult to talk but it will get a lot better after a few days. There may also be sore stains in the mouth, but this is easy to fix at the clinic. Once the treatment is complete, a so-called positioner or retainer can be used to stabilize the result. The positioner is made of rubber and covers all the teeth. The positioner can also be used for contact sports, such as a tooth protector.